G i r l h o o d Art Show

Last weekend I was unfortunate enough to miss the opening night of the Girlhood Art Show at The Old Bar located in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Luckily, I had the afternoon free the following day to see the show and witness the empowering and inspiring artwork from local artists around Melbourne.

The Old Bar is an intimate venue with a very relaxed vibe. I especially loved the numerous pieces of artwork scatted amongst the bar walls. It hosts many musical gigs allowing you the pleasure of watching live music and buying reasonably priced drinks which is always a bonus.

Upstairs stood the Girlhood Art Show within an intimate room with white painted walls, dressed with various artworks from paintings, prints and installations demonstrating what it means and feels like to be a female in today’s society.



I especially loved the multicolored flowers draping from the ceiling creating a very feminine almost rustic vibe to the space which overall set a calming ambience for the exhibition. Everyone involved deserves much praise as it was a wonderful afternoon spent.

Girlhood Art Show floor space. Photo: Celeste Marinelli










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