David Hockney: Current

British artist David Hockney showcases his latest collection of electronically created artwork at his self-titled exhibition David Hockney: Current at the renowned National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). This vibrant exhibition will be held till the 13th March 2017.

IPad drawing 2011-2016

Upon entry numerous IPad drawn pictures line the walls filled with vibrant colours to create portraits and landscapes. Hockney says the use of his IPad allows him the freedom to expand his canvas further sharing how there is no other median like drawing on a glass screen.

IPhone Drawings, 2009-2011, digital animation of the drawings coming to life

One series called 82 portraits & 1 still life was particularly eye-catching, this series took Hockney two years to complete. His portraits captured a true understanding of his subjects in his painterly brush stroke style. There was also a reoccurring theme of the outdoors in his paintings with trees being a major subject matter creating a very peaceful vibe within the exhibition space.




His painting style is quite intricate; the use of alternating line thickness allows small details to be layered upon the surface, which is very pleasing to the eye. He also follows an analogous colours scheme, specifically present in his landscape drawings, as the colours are not overpowering creating a still harmony.

Hockney’s colourful exhibition explores art through multimedia installations. It was fascinating watching time lapses of his drawings on an IPad showing his pictures coming to life stroke by stroke.

 David Hockney: Current is definitely worth a visit for those who are interested in seeing radiant artwork created in a new form. It’s a very innovative and original exhibition as it demonstrates an alternate use of technology, which is refreshing in today’s society.


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